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Classic cars, motorbikes and other classic vehicles can require a lot of care and attention as well as constant maintenance so with that in mind we can supply you with premium grade oils to suit your needs.

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Our range of classic oil from Fuchs lubricants is a product based on some of the original Motorsport formulations which have been developed and improved over many years.

They combine German expertise and technology, ensuring the oils is made to the highest quality, giving the best protection for all components and all at a competitive price. As well as being able to supply you with the correct products we have the knowledge to give you advice on which lubricants would be best suited to your pride and joy.

We can supply the following products for your classic or vintage vehicle:

  • Engine Oils – Ranging from Monograde sae 30/40/50 to 20W50, 15W50 and 10W40 as well as 20W50 Race Oil and Non detergent or Low detergent variants
  • Gear Oil – Available in 4 specifications of SAE 90 or SAE 140 both Non EP and Mild EP versions
  • Grease – EP2 and Moly grease
  • Antifreeze – High quality corrosion inhibited blue monoethylene glycol antifreeze containing no nitrites, amines or phosphates Blue in colour for most older cars
  • Additives – We have many available including Fuel additives for protection or lead substitute for older engines not yet converted
  • Workshop Tools – Drain pans, Funnels, Oil Jugs, Torches and many more specialist tools available

Most of our classic lubricants can be viewed on our online shop or if you can't find what you're looking for you can get in touch.

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