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Industrial lubricants and greases have many tasks to perform from generating and transmitting energy, generating cooling or compressed air, reducing or transmitting driving forces to machine tool applications or for the machine tool applications and in many areas of production.

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Our industrial lubricants and greases allow these processes to run smoothly, specially-made lubricants must be designed with safety, machinery, process and systems in mind.

Industrial lubricants can make a significant contribution to improving productivity and efficiency as well as reducing energy consumption, for example in hydraulic systems, gear units and many other applications Furthermore, rapidly biodegradable lubricants present a real alternative to hydrocarbon-based lubricants.

We can supply the following products suited to industrial applications:

  • Hydraulic Oil – Ranging from the common grades such as VG32, VG46, and VG68 to High viscosity grades and biodegradable.
  • Gear Oil – Such as EP 150/220/320 onwards are commonly used in production line gearboxes
  • Grease – A wide variety available including Lithium complex, Semi fluid, Calcium and Hammer/Chisel grease to name a few.
  • Cutting Fluids – Suitable for Ferrous and Nonferrous metals in all industries
  • Compressor/Airline Oils – based on selected low volatility mineral oil fractions to give freedom from deposits caused by oil carry over.

At our trade counter in Burscough anyone is welcome and we stock a large amount in house and our products range in sizes from 250ml to 1000L IBC’s or Bulk fill.

Most of our industrial lubricants can be viewed on our online shop or if you can't find what you're looking for you can get in touch.

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